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Lord Perrin

MetalPriceWatch.com Underground Metal distro comparison

Metal Price Watch.com

http://www.metalpricewatch.com is an extensive, search-able online database and website which makes instant comparisons of different underground distro's pricing of extreme metal possible!

Currently featuring prices from 24 online extreme metal dealers, Metal Price Watch is growing every week with new prices and distros. Prices are updated every week to keep the database fresh and accurate.

Visit metalpricewatch.com to find out how to save 8% off your next purchase from The End Records!

Currently featured distros include: Abyss Records, Amazon.com, Anja Offensive, Black Metal.com, CD Universe, Century Media, Cursed Productions, Dark Symphonies, Kreation Records, Goregiastic Records, Metal Disc, Metal Mayhem, Metal Merchant, Midhir Records, NWN Productions, Pathos Productions, Plastic Head, Red Stream, Relapse Records, Sentinel Steel, Sevared Records, StormSpell Records, The End Records, and Willowtip Records.

MPW also offers users the ability to sell their own used albums on the site for FREE. Simply register to use the site and list your albums free of charge. There is NO catch!

MPW is currently in beta stage and any bugs or issues you have can be reported on this thread or on the MPW messageboards.

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