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dragonforce's Journal

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A Community for DragonForce fans. DragonForce is the World's Fastest Melodic Speed Power Metal Newcomer!
ac/dc, acid bath, acid death, adult swim, after forever, agalloch, alcatrazz, alice cooper, am i blood, amon amarth, amorphis, anathema, and oceans, andromeda, angel dust, arch enemy, at the gates, avantasia, ayreon, bathory, battlelore, beer, behemoth, blind guardian, bolt thrower, children of bodom, clone high, conception, conquest, corpse paint, dangerous toys, dante's inferno, dark tranquillity, david lee roth, deicide, demons & wizards, diablo, diamond head, didier, dio, dragon, dragonforce, dragonheart, dragonland, dragonlord, dragons, dream evil, dream theater, edguy, elvenking, exodus, extreme, eyes, fates warning, flowing tears, freedom call, gamma ray, goth, goths, grave digger, grim reaper, guitar, hammerfall, hell, helloween, herman 'shred' li, herman li, high on fire, homestar runner, iced earth, in flames, invader zim, iron maiden, jackyl, jag panzer, joe stump, journey, judas priest, kamelot, kansas, katatonia, king diamond, kingowar, kiss, kreator, kryst the conqueror, labyrinth, lacuna coil, licking, lips, lost horizon, loudness, makeup, manowar, masterplan, megadeth, mercyful fate, metal church, metalium, metallica, michael angelo, motley crue, nevermore, nightwish, opeth, paradise lost, pink floyd, poison, power metal, power quest, queensryche, quite riot, ratt, rhapsody, sacred steel, sacred warrior, sam totman, saxon, seven witches, shred, skid row, slayer, star one, stevie ray vaughn, stratovarius, symphony x, tanya, testament, the beatles, the eagles, the gathering, tongues, tuatha de danann, vadim, venom, virgin steele, warlock, yngwie malmsteen, zonata, zp theart